The Kondoor Foundation strives for social transformation through knowledge sharing and long term developmental programmes. The foundation also works among the less privileged citizens of our country to significantly improve and enhance their quality of life.


Hari Ravindranath

A masters in psychology with a specialization in organizational behavior, Hari completed his management studies from the University of Northampton, UK. After an active professional career of more than thirty years, he steps down to devote himself totally in service of the community through the foundation.

Sangeeta Mukherjee

A post-graduate in Marketing Management, Ms. Sangeeta Mukherjee has held many senior positions, her last career assignment being Associate VP Marketing for Accor Hotels, India. She is currently on the board of various consulting and investment firms.

K Venkatesh

Mr. K. Venkatesh is a practising Chartered Accountant, a qualified company secretary and a Cost Accountant. He handles multiple clients in diverse sectors and is the financial advisor to the foundation.


The foundation is named after Mr. Kondoor Ravindranathan Nair, advocate of the Kerala High Court in India, who passed away on the 4th of April 2004, after over half a century of legal practice.

The foundation's emblem, the Vegvísir, (pronounced VEGG-vee-seer) is an ancient mystic Icelandic symbol, also known as the Viking compass. A symbol of protection and guidance, it is believed to bestow its carrier with an unwavering sense of direction, such that the carrier does not lose his way through storms or bad weather. The foundation is thus inspired to remain steadfast on its path and its principles without losing sight of its objectives.

The foundation’s motto, is a Latin term translating to ‘Preserve the Faith’. It is used in legal documentation, implying ‘an agent must not violate the confidence reposed in him’. The foundation strongly believes that empathy and sensitivity towards the less privileged is the only way to uphold our faith in humanity. The foundation also solemnly promises that it will preserve the faith the people repose in it. An ideology best conveyed by its motto.